January 13, 2014

Someone told me i could use my ipad to weigh myself

He peeled out...

Helping your child understand the zombie apocalypse

Genuine kangaroo scrotum

I am so embarrased, I wish everybody else was dead

You can´t see me I´m a flower

Do you ever sleep pixar?

Drop sunglasses in water?

Ruff day? Not feline the best?

Traffic was nuts

Somebody has collected all seven dragonballs

January 12, 2014

I drink from there

She was in my spot

So true... Broke my pinky toe on a dresser a few weeks back.

Break dancing level: Jesus

Are you mocking me?

Me and my babe

We're just gonna have to die!

Hurry! take the picture

Bride kidnapping expert

I love this job

Right foot red

Is google a boy or a girl?